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150 chan

Welcome to our guide to the most Essential Action Movies! Where everyone enters…and only leave. Action is a wide-open genre and term, and we endeavored to include something from every era, style, and movement of action movies. Not to mention some action genre crossovers: sci-fi Equilibriumhorror They Liveand, of course, comedy Beverly Hills Cop. These are the action movies whose influence can be seen in the films that followed.

They spawned franchises, pushed back against time, defined and even expanded the genre. These are the badass movies that make audiences feel cooler from having seen them. In the interest of keeping the Essential Movies as tight and pure as possible, we excluded the genres of war, sports, Western, and samurai. Synopsis: Distinguished by a sharp, witty dialogue between its two cop protagonists, Ray and Danny Gregory Hines and Billy Crystalthis Synopsis: In the nation of Libria, there is always peace among men.

The rules of the Librian system are simple. Synopsis: Hero is two-time Academy Award nominee Zhang Yimou's directorial attempt at exploring the concept of a Chinese hero. During the He also has a flip side Can you dig it?

Synopsis: Shaft, a highly successful film, spawned an industry of sequels and imitations. Synopsis: Since she was a little girl, Sook-hee was raised to be a deadly assassin. She gladly accepts the chance to And people love it for the same reasons. Synopsis: Among humans for centuries, an immortal specie existed.

Connor MacLeod is a member of this specie. Unaware of his powers, Synopsis: "Another basement, another elevator Synopsis: Benjamin Franklin Gates is a third generation treasure hunter. All his life, Gates has been searching for a treasure no Synopsis: Kham's life is turned upside down when an international mafia syndicate, based in Australia, captures his two beloved elephants and Synopsis: Jen fearlessly embodied by Matilda Lutz, Rings is enjoying a romantic getaway with her wealthy boyfriend which is suddenly disrupted However, the movie has so much energy that it's thoroughly enjoyable.

Synopsis: Filmed in two weeks on a budget of 7, dollars, El Mariachi was one of the singular pleasures of the Synopsis: According to this drama, set in 14th-century China, a state-run secret police organization made life a living hell for anyone Here he vies Synopsis: Former war hero Cameron Poe Nicolas Cage is sentenced to eight years in prison when he accidentally kills a man Synopsis: The Expendables are back and this time it's personal Synopsis: Loosely adapted from the classic horror film starring Boris Karloff, The Mummy is set in Egypt, where over 3, Synopsis: John and Jane Smith are an ordinary suburban couple with an ordinary, lifeless suburban marriage.The film follows Albert Stark MacFarlanea cowardly frontiersman who gains courage with the help of gunfighter Anna Theron and must use his newfound skills in a confrontation with her outlaw husband Clinch Neeson.

Casting was done between December and March Filming began on May 6,in various locations in New Mexico including Albuquerque and Santa Feand it concluded on August 9 that year. Joel McNeely composed the score. The film was released on May 30,in the United States, and distributed worldwide by Universal Pictures.

150 chan

The film received negative reviews from critics, with criticism directed toward the film's length and MacFarlane's performance. Inin the town of Old Stump, Arizonaa cowardly sheep farmer named Albert Stark Seth MacFarlane is dumped by his girlfriend Louise Amanda Seyfried as a result of his withdrawal from a gunfight.

He prepares to leave for San Franciscobelieving that the frontier offers nothing for him. Meanwhile, infamous outlaw Clinch Leatherwood Liam Neeson robs and kills an old prospector Matt Clark for a gold nugget. Lewis and Anna arrive in Old Stump under the guise of two siblings intending to build a farm, but Lewis is arrested after shooting the Pastor's John Aylward son Dylan Kenin in a saloon.

During the ensuing fight, Albert saves Anna from being crushed to death by two of the brawlers, and the two become close friends. They attend a county fair where Louise's new boyfriend, the haughty Foy Neil Patrick Harrischallenges Albert to a shooting contest.

Albert is defeated, but Anna steps in and defeats Foy.

140 Essential Action Movies To Watch Now

Foy mocks Albert, who angrily challenges Foy to a duel in a week's time. Anna then spends the week teaching Albert how to shoot. During a barn dance the night before the duel, Anna slips Foy a Mickey. After leaving the dance, Albert and Anna kiss before heading home. Upon breaking out of jail and murdering the sheriff, Lewis witnesses the kiss and reports it to Clinch. On the day of the duel, Foy arrives late and goes into convulsions from the laxative he had unknowingly drunk.

Albert, who has decided that Louise is not worth fighting for, once again forfeits the duel. He retires to the saloon, but Clinch arrives and demands to know who kissed his wife. When no one comes forward, Clinch shoots a nearby cowboy Ryan Reynolds. He reveals that Anna is his wife and threatens to continue killing unless his wife's lover duels him at noon the next day. Clinch later forces Anna to reveal Albert's name and then prepares to rape her, but she knocks him unconscious and escapes.

Anna returns to Albert's farm, where he angrily shouts at her for lying to him. Clinch pursues Anna to the farm; Albert helps her escape, then escapes himself. While fleeing, he is captured by a tribe of Apache Indians, who threaten to burn him alive. The Indians spare him when he reveals that he can speak their language. They give him a bowl of peyotewhich sends him flashing back to his birth and through painful events of his childhood before making him realize that he loves Anna.

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Albert returns to Old Stump and confronts Clinch. He wounds Clinch with a bullet poisoned with rattlesnake venom before his own gun is shot out of his hand, but he manages to stall until Clinch fatally succumbs to the poison. Louise attempts to win back Albert, but he rejects her and instead happily enters a relationship with Anna.

Albert also receives a bounty for killing Clinch and uses the money to buy more sheep. Later at the Fair, the proprietor of a racist shooting game called "Runaway Slave" asks who would like to take a shot.Chinese Chan Buddhism developed into various other schools, including many Japanese Zen schools, to which the term "zen" in English sometimes refers.

Chand Par Hatyia - Episode 150 - 1st September 2012

The Chan School was strongly influenced by Taoist philosophyespecially Neo-Daoist thought, and developed as a distinct school of Chinese Buddhism. The practice of Buddhist meditation first entered China through the translations of An Shigao fl. According to John R. McRae the "first explicit statement of the sudden and direct approach that was to become the hallmark of Ch'an religious practice" is associated with the East Mountain School. One concentrates, understands, and is enlightened, all in one undifferentiated practice.

Later Chinese Buddhists developed their own meditation manuals and texts, one of the most influential being the works of the Tiantai patriarch, Zhiyi. Often, a square or round cushion placed on a padded mat is used to sit on; in some other cases, a chair may be used. To regulate the mind, Zen students are often directed towards counting breaths. Either both exhalations and inhalations are counted, or one of them only. The count can be up to ten, and then this process is repeated until the mind is calmed.

A common form of sitting meditation is called "Silent illumination" Ch. This practice was traditionally promoted by the Caodong school of Chinese Chan and is associated with Hongzhi Zhengjue — who wrote various works on the practice. In Hongzhi's practice of "nondual objectless meditation" the mediator strives to be aware of the totality of phenomena instead of focusing on a single object, without any interference, conceptualizinggraspinggoal seekingor subject-object duality.

Literally meaning "public case", they were stories or dialogues, describing teachings and interactions between Zen masters and their students. These anecdotes give a demonstration of the master's insight.

Yet, while Dahui famously criticised "silent illumination," [48] [49] he nevertheless "did not completely condemn quite-sitting; in fact, he seems to have recommended it, at least to his monastic disciples. This process includes standardized "checking questions" sassho and common sets of "capping phrases" jakugo or poetry citations that are memorized by students as answers. The teacher may approve or disapprove of the answer and guide the student in the right direction.

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The interaction with a teacher is central in Zen, but makes Zen practice also vulnerable to misunderstanding and exploitation. The goal of the practice is often termed kensho seeing one's true natureand is to be followed by further practice to attain a natural, effortless, down-to-earth state of being, the "ultimate liberation", "knowing without any kind of defilement".

Nianfo Jp. During the late Mingthe harmonization of Pure land practices with Chan meditation was continued by figures such as Yunqi Zhuhong and Hanshan Deqing. Since Zen is a form of Mahayana Buddhismit is grounded on the schema of the bodhisattva path, which is based on the practice of the "transcendent virtues" or "perfections" Skt. An important source for these teachings is the Avatamsaka sutrawhich also outlines the grounds bhumis or levels of the bodhisattva path.

An important element of this practice is the formal and ceremonial taking of refuge in the three jewelsbodhisattva vows and precepts. Various sets of precepts are taken in Zen including the five precepts"ten essential precepts"and the sixteen bodhisattva precepts.Sign up for free newsletters and get more CNBC delivered to your inbox. Get this delivered to your inbox, and more info about our products and services.

All Rights Reserved. Data also provided by. Skip Navigation. Markets Pre-Markets U. Evelyn Cheng Beijing Correspondent. Coronavirus outbreak gives public health in China the push it needs. Evelyn Cheng April 9, For some Chinese businesses, there's no going back to life before the coronavirus. Evelyn Cheng April 2, Chinese e-commerce giant takes aim at rival leader Alibaba in cloud as China market heats up.

Evelyn Cheng March 29, Trump says the US and China are 'working closely together' in fight against coronavirus. Evelyn Cheng March 27, Xi calls for coordinated response to coronavirus at G meeting.

Evelyn Cheng March 26, US companies are still betting on Chinese consumers, despite coronavirus impact. Evelyn Cheng March 25, China to lift lockdown on Wuhan, the epicenter of its coronavirus outbreak. Evelyn Cheng March 24, Coronavirus hits China's economy twice as financial contagion spreads across the globe. Evelyn Cheng March 20, China aims to be a stabilizing force as global financial markets gyrate.

150 chan

Evelyn Cheng March 22, Travelers to China try to navigate a shifting variety of quarantine policies. Roughly 5 million people in China lost their jobs in the first 2 months of Evelyn Cheng March 16, Load More.In Malay and Indonesiancantik pronounced chanteek means "lovely" or "beautiful". Miles taught him his first signs, "food-eat" and "drink". Soon after this her teaching schedule made it necessary to hire an assistant, Ann Southcombe.

Ann had experience raising seven baby gorillas at the Cincinnati Zoo and was the first "mother" and "teacher" for Michael, the young gorilla companion to Koko, the first signing gorilla.

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Under the direction of Dr. Miles, Chantek was raised much as a human child yet also had time to be an orangutan. Ann toilet trained Chantek, much as she did Michael.

He was given chores, like pick up his toys or sit for a signing test for which he was given an allowance, using steel washers as money. After years of service, she hired a full-time assistant to give Chantek all the benefits of early education. As Miles taught anthropology at UTC, she also gathered a group of dedicated student volunteers to help with the project, such as Warren Roberts, who now teaches anthropology classes at the college as of Spring Chantek spent almost nine years living under constant supervision in a specially adapted trailer on the UTC campus.

However, as his size increased, and as containing him in his compound became a problem, the administration feared an accident, and they returned him to Yerkes following an incident in which he escaped from his compound and caught a female student by surprise.

For the next eleven years of his life, he was confined to a small cage, where he entered a depression and put on weight due to his inactive lifestyle at Yerkes. When his caretakers were permitted to visit, he continually signed for them to get car keys and take him home.

140 Essential Action Movies To Watch Now

Finally, inthe Zoo Atlanta offered him sanctuary in an enclosure with trees for swinging from branch to branch brachiation. InAnimal Planet aired a documentary about Chantek's life and experience. Although he never had soda, ice cream, cheeseburgers, or candy in 10 years, he asked for them in sign language. On August 7,Chantek died of heart disease at the age of Chantek resided at Zoo Atlanta in one of their orangutan enclosures with a small group of other orangutans.

He enjoyed painting, stringing beads, and constructing things. He was shy and quiet but attentively listened and was highly observant of his surroundings. Chantek had a vocabulary of around modified ASL signs, and he also understood spoken English. He possessed the spatial comprehension to direct a driving-route from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga UTC to the closest Dairy Queen, and the mental comprehension to refer to events that happened years ago.

He was a huge fan of the country basket at Dairy Queen and enjoyed many Dilly bars.

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Like children, Chantek preferred to use names rather than pronouns — as the reference is fixed — even when talking to a person. He even invented signs of his own e. Chantek used adjectives to specify attributes, such as "orange dogs" when he referred to orangutans unfamiliar to him. Chantek also demonstrated self-awarenessby grooming himself in a mirror and by using signs in mental planning and deception. Rather than simply exhibiting conditioned responses, as critics of primate intellect contend, Chantek learned roles — and role reversals — in games like 'Simon Says'.

Like many other orangutans who have demonstrated problem solving skills, Chantek exhibited certain intuitive and thinking character traits comparable to the rationality used in human engineering. His intellectual and linguistic abilities made some scientists, including Miles and Dawn Prince-Hughesregard him as possessing personhood.

The term personhood is often ascribed by experts to animals who demonstrate conscious awarenesslanguage, and acculturation. Miles and like-minded advocates seek to expand personhood to great apes, to the extent that—eventually—legal rights of personhood would be conferred under the law. To accomplish this goal, Miles created Project Chantek, to further study the mind of the orangutan. She hopes her research will help ascertain how human symbolic systems evolved and developed.Electronic address: v.

Symptoms that can be attributed to the gastroduodenal region represent one of the main subgroups among functional gastrointestinal disorders. A slightly modified classification into the following 4 categories is proposed: 1 functional dyspepsia, characterized by 1 or more of the following: postprandial fullness, early satiation, epigastric pain, and epigastric burning, which are unexplained after a routine clinical evaluation; and includes 2 subcategories: postprandial distress syndrome that is characterized by meal-induced dyspeptic symptoms and epigastric pain syndrome that does not occur exclusively postprandially; the 2 subgroups can overlap; 2 belching disorders, defined as audible escapes of air from the esophagus or the stomach, are classified into 2 subcategories, depending on the origin of the refluxed gas as detected by intraluminal impedance measurement belching: gastric and supragastric belch; 3 nausea and vomiting disorders, which include 3 subcategories: chronic nausea and vomiting syndrome; cyclic vomiting syndrome; and cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome; and 4 rumination syndrome.

Published by Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.The Dr. Slump - Arale-chan anime series is based on the manga Dr. Slump by Akira Toriyama. It follows the life of inventor Senbei Norimaki and his family and friends, most notably the humanoid robot Arale. This article lists all episodes, 7 specials and 3 educational films.

For the episode series that began insee List of Doctor Slump episodes. The first 18 episodes with the exceptions of episodes13, 14 and 17 as well as episodes 23 and 41 contain two minute stories.

The rest is just one full minute story. Senbei Norimaki, Penguin Village's goofy scientist, finally finishes creating the perfect humanoid android. Her only flaw is that she is nearsighted and needs to wear glasses. Senbei takes her into town to convince everybody she is a normal year-old girl.

150 chan

Everybody in Penguin Village Junior High is asking Arale to join their clubs but Arale seems too good for all of them. Senbei shows Arale his newest invention, The Time Slipper a board with a talking clock that can travel time.

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Arale accidentally gets lost in ancient Japan with the Time Slipper. After the strange baby hatched from the egg, Arale and Senbei try to raise it. They find out that it eats metal and is powerful after it survives a long fall after Arale threw it to high on accident.

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Later at night in the bath, Arale and Senbei discover that it has wings. They decide to name it Gadzilla but "Gatchan" for short and then keep it as a member of the family.

150 chan

Arale has told Senbei that a teacher is coming to their house. Once he hears this, he thinks Ms. Yamabuki is coming, so he has invented a barber machine to groom his hair to look nice. However, this barber machine is a failed robot. Arale plays with a girl named Kinoko Sarada, who helps Arale fit in with modern ways, but end in disaster when Arale and Gatchen put on a lot of makeup.

Slump builds a gun that transforms whatever the gunner chooses. Arale uses it to turn Yamabuki into Slump's wife and then turn the doctor into a sea monster. Arale finds a camera which will show the future. She takes everyone's photo with the camera to see how the future will be 10 years later. All of her friends become 23 years old, but Arale is still the same Arale and Gatchan have gone to the world of fairy tales by Wonder machine. In "the Peach Boy" world, she becomes friends with devils and they start playing a game of tag together!

Then, Arale starts changing the fairy tale. Arale and Bancho decide to have a date! Arale thinks "to have a date" means to hold each other's hand, so she starts holding Bancho's hand very tight. List of Dr. Slump Arale-chan episodes anime at Anime News Network 's encyclopedia.

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